The composition of Aleppo Soap gives it its world-renowned dermatological virtues and makes it the natural soap par excellence. Olive Oil does not dry out the skin, which remains soft.

● Daily use of Aleppo Soap for the body: Very respectful of the skin, Aleppo Soap is particularly suitable for both the face and the body and for infant hygiene. It deeply cleanses the skin, eliminates the horny layer in desquamation, sebum and sweat (which dull the complexion). It is also an excellent makeup remover. Finally, the absence of any additive is the best guarantee against allergies or other attacks that the skin may suffer from the use of industrial soap.

● Use of Aleppo Soap for laundry: Aleppo Soap is recommended for washing fragile laundry and fabrics in contact with sensitive skin. In addition, it has a virtue little known in the West, it is an effective anti-moth.

● The protection of the environment by Aleppo Soap: Aleppo Soap is completely phosphates free. It therefore participates in the reduction of environmental pollution.

Aleppo Soap was formerly used both for its hygienic and therapeutic properties. However, this therapeutic use very largely faded in the second half of the 20th century, in favor of more sfpecific and much less natural products.

Aleppo Soap is not a medicine and cannot, in itself, constitute a medical treatment. It is a therapeutic supplement, which constitutes a beneficial adjuvant and complementary aid to other conventional therapies:

Aleppo Soap is used as a therapeutic supplement to treat cold sores (labial herpes) by acting effectively on herpetic vesicles; infant diaper rash, for frequent washing of layettes; keratosis of the heel (psoriasis); ulcer of the legs; hand dermatitis and atopic dermatitis (eczema).

It constitutes a first choice therapy for the local treatment of bacterial dermatoses such as impetigo, ecthyma, osteofolliculitis, vulgar sycosis or boils. In fact, washing with Aleppo Soap considerably eliminates the germs present on the surface of the skin and therefore treats bacterial dermatitis.

Due to its disinfecting power, it may be sufficient to prevent common skin diseases (favus, herpes tonsurans, pityriasis, microsporia).

Along with the aetiological treatment of vulvar pruritus, symptomatic treatment consists of local individual hygiene measures and in particular the wearing of cotton underwear washed with Aleppo Soap.

It is effective against superficial burns. By its detergent and disinfectant action, Aleppo Soap eliminates bacteria present on the surface of the skin and therefore prevents any risk of infection.

Aleppo Soap is also used for the disinfection of small skin wounds. It has a disinfectant power which results more from the physical action of its foam on the bacterial environment than from its chemical effect.