Olive Oil (Olea europea L.):

     Genuine Aleppo Soap, which is considered as the purest of all soaps, is exclusively made of Olive Oil, Laurel Sweet Bay Oil, Sodium Hydroxide and water. It contains no colorings, nor artificial perfume nor other chemical additive

     Since Ancient times, Olive Oil is appreciated by all populations of the Mediterranean area. Not only it plays an important nutritive role, people used to rub their bodies after bath to smoothen their muscles and articulations.

     From all the oils, Olive oil is the keenest to make a natural soap, thanks to its high quality, is essential ingredient in making the “Aleppo Soap” a natural soap.

Sweet Bay Oil (Laurus nobilis L.):

    The Laurel produces fruit rich in grease material: The Laurel Sweet Bay from, which its Oil is extracted by distillation.

     The Sweet Bay Oil (the fruit in its botanic definition) perfumes naturally and traditionally Aleppo Soap.

Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH):

     The Soda (usual name of Sodium Hydroxide) is the soluble neutralizer used in Aleppo Soap fabrication.